Workplace Investigations

Seabold Group professionals have many years of experience conducting sensitive workplace investigations for a wide variety of clients.  These include high profile investigations of public institutions, elected officials and political entities, as well as investigations of employees, officers and board members.  We appreciate the delicate balance of maintaining constructive workplace relations while at the same time addressing allegations of misconduct in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.  We regularly investigate all types of workplace allegations such as harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, whistleblower, wrongful termination, computer and email misuse, as well as regulatory and policy compliance.  Every case is unique and presents its own set of challenges.  In consultation with our clients and, when appropriate, their counsel, Seabold Group develops and implements an investigation plan designed to address the specific issues and allegations, gathers and preserves evidence, identifies and interviews witnesses, and offers an independent, thorough and reliable assessment of the facts.  In addition, through our investigation services, Seabold Group frequently observes first-hand the various internal dynamics that predictably lead to employee issues and complaints, which allows us to provide our clients with a more thorough understanding of the systemic factors that contributed to the specific issues being investigated.